Making Your Business
Environment Work Better


Is your commercial setting as organized as it could be? Are desks, file cabinets and equipment arranged for smooth traffic flow? Can you easily find important documents? Do you waste too much time with email, voicemail and paperwork? Are you losing time, money and clients because of poor inventory control or inefficient communications and procedural systems? Perhaps you need planning assistance because you're moving to a new location.


Cowan & Company can help you and your staff achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. We'll begin by analyzing your space and daily operations and defining your goals to determine what needs to be done to correct the problems that exist and to prevent future difficulties. We'll devise personalized solutions that improve productivity, time management and work flow. It may be as simple as rearranging and reorganizing desks and file cabinets and clearing away the clutter. We'll show you how to streamline daily procedures and maintain order. In some cases, we may suggest and implement software and other productivity tools to promote increased office efficiency and larger profits.


Our goal is to enhance your work environment, reduce stress, and save you time and money. You're welcome to use the services of Cowan & Company for a portion or all of a reorganization or planning project, or for consultation on a recurring basis.



"I have two restaurants in the Midwest and opened a San Diego location about five years ago. Fortunately, it's become extremely popular — and extremely busy. One day I was telling a vendor that I needed to become better organized because there are so many demands on my time and attention. The vendor told me about Donna's services and I called her on the spot and set up an appointment. We worked together to analyze and streamline the work flow in the restaurant. She helped me organize storage areas, and created checklists, forms and procedures for managers, servers and kitchen teams. The restaurant is running smoothly now and life is so much easier for me and the entire staff. Donna has really made a difference."



Richard Walker