What Clients
Are Saying



"For years I struggled with chronic disorganization. Many reorganizations later, I still had a cluttered home office, storage areas and garage. Both my husband and I were frustrated. It all began to make sense once I was diagnosed with adult ADHD.


"I called a professional organizer and explained my problem. She immediately referred me to Donna Cowan, who was 'exactly the right person' to help me. During the first contact phone call, Donna listened, then asked me many questions. We decided to tackle my home office first. Through frank discussions, we came up with processes that work for me. She understands my limitations and is non-judgmental. She helped me select additional office furniture, file cabinets and updated electronic equipment to simplify and streamline my multitude of tasks. The next step was instituting a new, user-friendly filing system for my personal and professional files. To this day, I'm amazed at how much more manageable my life has become.


"Donna has worked with me in my professional office sites and with my husband in his home office. She is professional, kind, respectful and discreet. I refer friends and colleagues to Donna as her approach is individualized and effective. They are happy and relieved when Donna helps them tackle and overcome their challenges."




San Diego


"Although I'm orderly and like my environment uncluttered, I found it difficult to focus and prioritize. It was taking me way too long to find documents. During our first meeting, Donna asked me to name my number one organizing 'wish.' I replied that I would like to have the piles of paperwork cleared from my desk so I could see the wood and have an open space to work on. She assured me that I'd have my wish once my systems were in place and it would remain that way. I was thrilled to hear that, but didn't really know if it could become a reality. I was even more uncertain that I could keep my desk clear.


"Donna ordered a new file cabinet, created a functional and easy-to-maintain filing system, developed an updated contact list and maximized my storage space. These changes allowed me to become more efficient and productive. I'm happy to say that since our original organization project, I've been able to keep my desk uncluttered and free of piles of paperwork.


"I was so impressed with the initial results, I next had her organize my home. Donna offers gift certificates, which my future bride really appreciated. We even received one as a wedding gift. Prior to the birth of our first child, we asked Donna to help reorganize several aspects of our new home. The final step was to have Donna come to my corporate office and organize all the paper and digital files. My work often takes me out of the country. Even while I'm away, I find it much easier now to keep my fingers on the pulse of my business. I've referred several colleagues to Donna because of her invaluable assistance."



Business Owner


"I moved from a larger home I had occupied for many years to a smaller new home, and was overwhelmed by the huge amount of personal and financial paperwork I had accumulated. I was aware of Donna's excellent reputation as a Professional Organizer and called on her to help with setting up my office, rearranging furniture and establishing a new filing system. Donna and I would work together for several hours, and even after I was worn out from the paperwork, she remained focused, upbeat and very pleasant until it was finished.


" In the process, Donna also created a selection of tools and forms that allow me to track vacation rental inquires, agreements and contracts for my business. This has resulted in increased productivity and greater profits. I am even able to manage my properties efficiently while traveling. Donna has given me endless tips through e-mails, and continues to supply me with paperwork needed for my mailing system. I don't know what I would have done without her."




Business Owner


"Donna has been instrumental in helping me set up systems to keep my life organized. Her calming presence always has a positive effect on me and her efficient manner always ensures that we complete projects in a timely manner. As a full-time working mom with three young children, Donna helps me to restore organization to my life. I recommend Donna without hesitation."