Solving Your Home
Organizational Problems



What's the most frustrating area of your home? A messy closet? A cluttered kitchen or bath? A living room or family room that's barely livable? Perhaps it's a junk room that stores everything from outgrown baby clothes to outdated college textbooks, ironing boards to surfboards.


Cowan & Company is here to help you create beautifully organized rooms. In our first session, we’ll discuss your needs and answer all your questions. Once we agree on the scope of the project, we’ll proceed on a schedule that’s comfortable for you.


As we work together, not only will you see a transformation taking place, you'll also be learning simple organizing techniques that will help you maintain order in your newly enhanced environment and manage household tasks more efficiently. You'll discover storage space you never knew you had, and you'll gain a new pride in your surroundings. And with this transformation, we can guarantee a reduction of stress and frustration now that everything is in its place and easy to find.



" 'Mom, where did you put the….?' was a constant refrain until Donna came to the rescue. I'm a working mother of two active teens nearing college age. Our house was always in chaos. Rooms were messy, our schedules were a nightmare. Donna calmly showed all of us how to get organized and stay organized. The files she set up make it so much easier to retrieve information regarding the kids' numerous extracurricular activities. It's now a breeze locating such vital information as high school transcripts, awards, accomplishments, community service, etc. Best of all, when I'm not at home, both my children are able to find what they need and don't have to wait for me to return. We're all so much happier. Thanks, Donna!"



Educator, Comedian